Most documentation is provided through the Harvester's Github wiki.

Web Services

Data Model

The Harvester data model conforms to the DPLA Metadata Application Profile. Below is an example of four RDF objects for one Cultural Heritage Object from Boise State University's contentDM repository.

<dpla:SourceResource rdf:about="">
	<dcterms:title>Boise Fire Department Engine</dcterms:title>
	<dcterms:date rdf:datatype="">1910</dcterms:date>
	<dcterms:subject>Fire fighters; Fire engines; Horse-drawn vehicles; Horses;</dcterms:subject>
	<dcterms:description>Six firefighters ride on a fire engine pulled by three horses. The firefighters are putting on their uniforms as the engine is in motion. Sign on engine reads "B.F.D." The
		phrase "Topping Photo 1910" is handwritten on the photograph.</dcterms:description>
	<dcterms:isPartOf rdf:resource=""/>
	<dcterms:relation rdf:resource=";metadataPrefix=oai_qdc&amp;set=roach"/>
<edm:WebResource rdf:about="">
<edm:WebResource rdf:about="">
	<edm:aggregatedCHO rdf:resource=""/>
	<edm:dataProvider rdf:resource=""/>
	<edm:provider rdf:resource=""/>
	<edm:preview rdf:resource=""/>
	<edm:object rdf:resource=""/>
	<edm:isShownAt rdf:resource=""/>
	<dcterms:modified rdf:datatype="">2014-12-30T22:14:20.112-05:00</dcterms:modified>

The CHO metadata is stored in the dpla:sourceResource object. Each image URL is designated with the edm:WebSource class, and the ore:Aggregation (which will be given a URI upon ingestion into DPLA) points to the CHO URI with edm:aggregatedCHO. The edm:dataProvider is the URI of the repository in the NWDA system. This URI must match that in the NWDA repository metadata RDF. The edm:preview contains a link to the thumbnail, and the edm:object is a large-scale image URL. The dcterms:modified is the date of ingestion. It is used by the Harvester's front end Atom feed.

There are two important things to note about the dpla:SourceResource:

  • The dcterms:isPartOf links to the finding aid URI.
  • The object must contain a dcterms:relation which points to the source OAI-PMH set.